Benefits and Drawbacks of Ground-Mounted Solar System

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Mounting solar panels on the ground instead of rooftop has its benefits and drawbacks.

A ground solar mounting system is a solar array that can be installed on the ground. It also has many types and foundations, such as the ground screw foundation, concrete foundation, etc. Not like the roof solar mounting systems, the ground system has no requirement to install on the roof, so it is convenient for you to maintain it.

Benefits of Ground-Mounted Solar System

● No damage to your roof
Compared to the rooftop solar system, no damage to your roof is one of the most important benefits. If you prepare to install solar panels on the roof, you need to maintain your house and building before the installation. And installing ground-mounted solar means that there is no leakage risk on your roof.

● Make full use of your idle landspace
If you have a property like idle land, then installing the ground solar mounting system will help to make use of it.

● Provides clean, renewable energy and saves electricity bills
Electricity costs across the country have risen by 15% over the past ten years, and this is a trend that’s likely to continue. So you can expect, on average, you will pay less for power when you go ground solar.

● Easier to maintenance
It is generally recommended that you perform solar panel cleaning between two and four times per year. So if you install roof solar, it’s more difficult to access maintenance.

● More Easily Expandable
It’s easier to expand a ground-mounted solar system than a rooftop one, especially if it has already maximized all available roof space.

Drawbacks of Ground-Mounted Solar System

● Require for land spaces
As we all know, land resources are becoming rare and more expensive. So the most drawback of gound solar is that it requires available land. For some large-scale ground solar projects, the available large-scale land is required also.

● Extra Wiring
Ground-mounted solar systems need longer wiring to connect the panels to the home. Those extra wires may need to be buried to protect them from squirrels or other animals munching on them.

Every individual situation is different, so the benefits and drawbacks are different also. You can choose to invest according to your specific requirements.

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