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Here are the key roles of establishing a LinkedIn company page in marketing:

  • Prospecting and lead generation – Through engaging content and ads, you can reach new potential customers and clients that fit your target audience. This leads to more website visits, inquiries, etc.
  • Thought leadership establishment – By sharing industry insights, best practices, case studies, your company can position itself as an expert, leader and go-to source in your space. This enhances credibility.
  • Amplifying content reach – By publishing blog posts, videos, etc. directly on LinkedIn, you multiply the number of people exposed to your messaging and brand.
  • Talent acquisition – LinkedIn is one of the top platforms for recruiting. Companies can leverage open jobs, company updates and employee advocacy to attract quality candidates.
  • Brand awareness – Having a consistent LinkedIn presence with quality profile details helps potential customers and partners easily find and learn about your company.
  • Engagement with clients – Interacting with clients and prospects through comments, messages, sharing content fosters stronger relationships over time.
  • Market research – By following competitors, industry groups, LinkedIn is a useful tool to keep a pulse on trends and opportunities.
  • Measurement of ROI – LinkedIn analytics provide data on updates viewed, followers gained, traffic to your site which helps optimize future marketing efforts.

So in summary, a LinkedIn company page allows businesses to effectively engage with their target audiences, establish themselves as industry experts and directly support revenue-generating activities like lead gen, recruiting and sales.

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