Our Capabilities

Fvaenergy equips a wide range of Advanced Machines and Quality Testing Tools to Maximize your Product’s Quality.

20 Years R&D Experience

Energy storage products rely on the company’s proprietary advanced battery management system (BMS) and its Self-developed patented technology, has passed TUV, IEC, CEC and other international certification. The products have been sold in the EU, UK, South east, Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, the Middle East and other countries and regions, FVE energy storage battery bring customer great using experience.

Our Certificates

Certified by TUV, SGS,ISO9001:2015, our batteries deliver superior performance, reliability, and safety. Benefit from extended lifespan, optimal energy efficiency. Experience quality-assured batteries today!

What Set Us Aparts ?

Our BMS Relay design ensures safe and reliable operation, compatible with popular inverters. It features triple electrical safety, precise SOC calibration, and accurate voltage/current acquisition for precise monitoring. Remote monitoring and easy management enhance convenience. Our efficient battery integration strategy optimizes system performance, maximizing your satisfaction.

Safe and Reliable BMS Relay design instead of mosfet

On/off management including automatic wake-up function

Compatiable with mainstream brand inverters

Triple electrical safety,Series and parallel supported

SOC dynamic calibration

Current and single voltage acquisition accuracy and 

Remote monitoring System,Easy to Manage

Battery Integration Strategy

Lab Equipments

We offer a comprehensive range of testing equipment and highly skilled engineers, complemented by our robust production capabilities, aimed at optimizing the quality of our products, prolonging their lifespan, and assisting you in reducing maintenance expenses.

IndexDevice NameModelQuantityStatusRemarks
1Zhuhai Jiuyuan Test Cabinet SDCBUS-120/010-060-8CC 4Normal UseBattery Charge/Discharge (8-channel)
2Zhuhai Jiuyuan Test Cabinet SDCBUS-060/015-120-8CC 4Normal Use Battery Charge/Discharge (8-channel)
3Shenghong Test Cabinet BTS60V100A2CH 1Normal UseBattery Charge/Discharge (2-channel)
4Baiter Test Cabinet NBT60V/100AC8-T 2Normal UseBattery Charge/Discharge (8-channel)
5Baiter Test CabinetNBT60V/30AC8-T 2Normal UseSingle 6+16 (channel)
6Shenzhen Chibao - Sorter CBFX-10 1Normal UseVoltage and Internal Resistance Sorting
7Savva Intelligent - Spot Welder MDB-4000B 2Normal Use Series-Parallel Welding of Battery Cells
8Henggu Energy Battery Balancer PBM-PW-A2405-11 1Normal UseBalancing Battery Voltage Differences
9Battery TesterAT5262Normal Use Voltage and Internal Resistance Checking

Equipments List

We possess an array of cutting-edge production and testing equipment, allowing us to deliver exceptionally competitive and top-notch products. By doing so, we aim to assist you in expanding your market share while simultaneously reducing costs.

Testing Equipments

Battery TesterHT526/BT3563 (Brands: Amber, HIOKI)
Battery Balancer PBM-PW-A-2405-11 (Brand: Goheng)
DC Load IT8512A+ 150V/30A/300W
DC Power Supply HCS-3104
Three-Phase Adjustable Load RXF-380/220V-10KW
Oscilloscope TBS1104
Oscilloscope (Tektronix) DPO3014 (Serial Number: C013056)
Programmable DC Power Supply HSPY-200-2/ HSPY-120-2 / HSPY-60-3 (Brand: Hanshen)
Insulation Resistance Tester UT500
Electronic Load IT8510 (Brand: Advantech)
Desoldering Station L502850/BK880/937
Soldering Station 205H
Multimeter 15B+ (Brand: Fluke)/F101
CAN Transceiver USBCAN I
USB to RS485 Converter UT-890A
IP Printer LBP611C
Barcode Printer TTP-244-PRO

Production Line

Battery Tester DZ026
Victron Inverter Charger Brand: Luya Technology Co., Ltd.
Portable Battery Pack Balancer and Maintenance DeviceBrand: Goheng Energy Technology Co., Ltd.
Intelligent Laser Automatic Welding Equipment Brand: Wuhan Yifei Laser Equipment Co., Ltd. (JQ016)
Hua-E Laser Welding Machine Brand: Wuhan Hua-E Laser Engineering Co., Ltd.
Automatic Spot Welding Machine Model: DZ027
11-Gear Comprehensive Sorting Machine Model: CBFX-10
Double Drum Line #
Electronic Scale #
Fire Protection System - Zhongyi Construction and Installation #
Purification Engineering and New Energy Storage Production Line Energy Storage PACK Production Line
Gree Air Conditioner 6 External 10 Internal (Workshop 2) #
Fiber Laser Marking Machine #
Smoke Exhaust Room Engineering Installation #
Manual Hydraulic Forklift #
Vacuum Sealer #
Energy Storage PACK Purification Room #
Workshop Transformation Project and Energy Storage Production Line #
Energy Storage PACK Production Line #

Packaging & Shipping

Our expertly packaged batteries guarantee safe delivery through advanced techniques, including a five-layer corrugated box, individual cushioning, organized trays, pallet stability, compliance, and convenience.

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